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Martin Howse


Obsidian, cosmic ray detectors, mobile phone. 2022.

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VOID003 enacts a slow geological cycle of the shattering destruction of a smartphone and its return to cosmic dust particles. Each time a muon particle, birthed from cosmic rays in the upper earth atmosphere, passes through the work, a piece of obsidian or volcanic glass is raised and then dropped onto the surface of the smartphone. Cosmic rays impact literally on our technology, eviscerating and eroding these logical structures.

VOID003 is the latest in a series of works exploring the connections between geology, technology and the human psyche through the rendering physical of cosmic/earth interactions. Previous VOID works have been enacted in a former submarine base in Bordeaux and within caves formed by flowing volcanic magma on the island of Tenerife.

with thanks to M/ for casting of electronique concrete.

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