Lot Nr. 07: A certain blue makes you fly, invisible, across the sky

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Sabrina Basten

A certain blue makes you fly, invisible, across the sky

Ceramic vase and div. ceramic objects, glue, paint, modelling clay
35 x 25cm

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‚A certain blue makes you fly, invisibly, across the sky‘ is part of the Warrior Series, that embody past, present, and the potential of female power. Armed, bold, daring and courageous. These sculptures know everything about the world because they carry everything in and on them.

The surfaces of the vessels serve as a three-dimensional canvas reflecting the complexity of being human and the multiple processes of remembering,telling stories and creating a personal contemporary mythology inspired by the symbolism of alchemy and antiquity.

The reuse of found objects (in the physical process of the work) represents the continuity of conventions in which historical and contemporary notions of womanhood continue to be embedded. The models of historical-mythological female figures and their significance in ancient Greece are updated through my biographical experience as a woman and artist, and placed in the contemporary context to expand notions of womanhood.

In contemplating the sculptures, attention alternates between turning to the many observable details and perceiving the sense of space.

A sense of disorientation but also of immersion emerges. The intentions of the warriors are formed and energetically charged through layers, her-stories, fragments of old ceramics as well as associations and newly created sculptural elements into a whole.

In this arrangement they become a source of inner strength, wisdom and individual and collective transformation.

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